About Me

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A little about me.

I am of Dutch nationality and have lived, worked and studied in Holland, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
I have studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.
After a fantastic and hectic period of working in the Theatre, Television and Fashion industry as an Art-Director I decided to add some new skills to my list and studied Graphic Design.

Besides the freelance work I currently am Head of Graphic Design and other subjects at the Marbella Design Academy.

For a fully detailed description of my technical skills and past clients please download my CV here. For an overview of my work have a look at my Portfolio and if you are enthusiastic and would like to know a bit more about my latest projects I am working on, browse through my Blog here.


Future plans

What is coming up. 

Currently under Vaes/Gelser buzy with Photography Exhibition in Marbella, after our first joint exhibition at Runway Gibraltar

Please email me for more information

Currently buzy with coffee table book, "Jedburgh, a tale in Canterbury" for the Howard Family, in memory of June Howard.