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Joining the visual designers Community.

Making information clear, concise, visually interesting and easy to understand can be imperative to a business´ success. Whatever the medium – business proposals, corporate identity, or promotional content – a company´s message needs to be enticing and direct enough for its target audience. Using and understanding valuable Graphic Design skills, I can help to ensure […]


Business Cards/Logo’s for Novare

4 individual logo's and businesscards for a client, Novare Gruppen for their 4 daughter companies

transition 3

Photography ehibition Runway Gibraltar

Currently done Photography Exhibtion with Vaes/Gelser of one serie at the Runway Gibraltar 2014 event


website icons for library proposal

Website vecor illustrator icons for library website in Marbella proposal Click on the foto to see enlargment

vj-loop used for project

old skool video

Found this hidden in my folders, my first video editing project with VJ-loops on Adobe Premiere, thought i'd share it with you, click on the following to see the video on youtube. http://youtu.be/gcDkpoyAgZc