testimonials-bg "…Cyriel helped me establish exactly what it was I was hoping to achieve and took great pains to understand completely the goals of the project…Through Cyriel’s careful understanding of my wishes, meticulous attention to detail, creativity and patience we arrived with the finished product ready to go to market both on-time and on-budget "

- Maria Benson
Director of Dispatch Games Ltd, UK


 "…a pleasure to work with Cyriel vaes who is a hard worker, very creative, delivers on time and has attention for detail…The advice and guidance Cyriel gave us made the whole process easy and stressfree for us and we are very happy with the end design"

- Cathy Williams
Manager of Envirotech, Wellington


 "Cyriel has very high professional standards in his work and his commitment to the course. This has made him one of our top students on this course. His work is of a high standard as a result of Cyriel's attention for detail and desire to produce the best possible result."

- John Cockburn
Principal, Natcoll Design technology, Wellington



 "…he is very motivated, practical, focussed and flexibel in working on designs and sets, as well as in functioning in,- and in leading a team.
He has a broad orientation and interest and isn't afraid in taking on new tasks and challenges. "

- Anet Wilgenhof
De Feun v.o.f, Production design, decor and special effects, Amsterdam